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  • 10.5.20 - 10.7.20

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5001 LBJ Freeway, Ste 800 Dallas, TX 75244 Tel: 214.631.8775 Fax: 214.631.4533 Email: info@hrsouthwest.com

Dallas Human Resource Management Association, Inc. W-9

Attendee or Registration Questions?

469.283.6966 attendees@hrsouthwest.com

Manager of Member & Attendee Relations Beth Roach 469.283.6966 beth@hrsouthwest.com

Manager of Education Erin Swain 469.283.6965 erin@hrsouthwest.com

Office Coordinator Florence Epelfeld 469.283.6968 info@hrsouthwest.com

Sponsor or Exhibitor Questions?

Executive Director Brad Shanklin, IOM 469.283-6963 brad@hrsouthwest.com

Other Questions

Executive Director Brad Shanklin, IOM 469.283.6963 brad@hrsouthwest.com

Director of Membership Timothy Gunn 469.283.6969 tim@hrsouthwest.com

Director of Brand Marketing Kristi Johnson 469.283.6967 kristi@hrsouthwest.com

Manager of Events Virginia Hall 469.283.6964 virginia@hrsouthwest.com