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Keynote Speakers

2018 Keynote Speakers

Captain Scott Kelly

History-Making U.S. Astronaut & Retired U.S. Navy Captain
Opening Keynote Speaker – October 15, 8:15 – 9:30 am

Captain Scott Kelly’s epic Year in Space, now a New York Times best-selling book, solidified his status as one of the greatest pioneers in history. Captain Kelly will bring you to the edge of your seat with transcendent insights that inspire and challenge you to dream big, test the status quo, and “choose to do the hard things.” 

One of a select group of Americans who embody a defining moment in the nation’s history, he captivated the world and seized the imagination of millions during his record-breaking voyage—proving that the sky is not the limit when it comes to the potential of the human spirit. On his trip, Scott, together with his identical twin brother Mark on Earth, paved the way for the future of space travel and exploration as the subjects of an unprecedented NASA study on how space affects the human body.

With awe-inspiring stories from space and personal reflections on leadership, teamwork and testing limits, Scott inspires others to believe that they can reach any goal, no matter how ambitious or audacious. As he looks back on the expedition that shuttled him into history books, audiences revel in the presence of a true American hero and gather unique takeaways on persistence, resilience and self-determination that transform the way they navigate their own journey through life.

Ginger Hardage

Retired SVP of Culture and Communications at Southwest Airlines
Closing Keynote Speaker – October 17, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Ginger Hardage recently retired as Senior Vice President of Culture and Communications at Southwest Airlines after an illustrious 25 years, where she served as a member of the CEO’s executive leadership team. At Southwest (the nation’s largest airline), Ginger led a team of 150 people responsible for building and sustaining the organization’s legendary culture and communications enterprise.

Recognized by many as a foremost global authority on building and sustaining organizational culture, Ginger was responsible for the activities that nourished the culture and the internal and external communications function. At Southwest, Ginger was a tireless ambassador of the world-famous Southwest Culture, leading to honors like 23 consecutive years on FORTUNE’s “Top 10 Most Admired Companies in the World” list. Most importantly, Ginger helped champion the values that have made Southwest a culture of enduring greatness – we put people first, we treat customers like family, we nurture our culture, and we try to change ahead of the times.

In addition to leading Southwest’s “Best Place to Work” initiatives, Hardage led the airline’s culture and communications evolution, expanding the communication functions to include more robust internal communications capabilities and a more focused corporate philanthropy program. She also led the airline’s Culture Committee, employee recognition and engagement, and all companywide celebrations.

In 2017, Ginger launched Unstoppable Cultures, a brand designed to help organizations create and sustain cultures of enduring greatness. Ginger’s expertise and worldwide recognition is highly sought-after as a consultant and speaker, and she has accepted engagements at organizations like Google, Nespresso, and Princeton. Ginger’s newest passion project is The Unstoppable Cultures Fellowship, which is a four-day culture immersion this November limited to 56 participants who can select a coach from organizational architects of Disney, Chick-Fil-A, Navy SEALS, or Southwest Airlines. Learn more at unstoppableculturesfellowship.com.

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